we're actually just expert talkers.
Alright, so don't hate me. I have been finishing....... My last dual enrollment course! Sadly, this series is coming to a close. When one door closes however, another opens. Soon the Diary of a Previously Homeschooled College student will be up and running. This year a lot has happened already. I've completed almost every high school course, the first ever dating relationship I've had has come to a close, I wrote beautiful songs, and I was accepted into my dream school. I am looking forward to the future! Many times I hate change. People leave or abandon me, and I have to be an adult. Other times like now, change is good. Going to this school will mean a fresh start for me with new opportunities.

I can be whoever I wish. I can befriend anyone. I can excel in whatever I wish. I will sing my heart out, dance like no one is watching, and learn to soar on these wings I seem to have acquired. Whatever I end up doing- Journalism, Radio DJ-ing, Singer or theatrical performer- I know I will succeed. Wish me luck.

It can be really easy to forget things when your schedule consists of these things.
1- work
3- rehearsals for the best musical this world has ever seen- otherwise known as, "Willy Wonka the Musical". I of course have an incredible role, posing as none other than Mrs. Beauregard ... yeah I have trouble saying it out loud too.

Of course, rehearsals are great, but putting 8 hours a week into it is a lot harder than is sounds. Imagine preparing for the dreaded SAT when all the while you are trying to remember the harmony to "I've got a Golden Ticket", and balancing orders of food so that you can continue to afford college classes at a young age.
This has been my life for the last 6 weeks.
This is also the reason that I have not had time for almost anything else.
But there is good news! after next week my week will be freed up due to my completion of my online intensive college course! (Yay!)
This means I'll finally have time for important things, like finally watching Phantom of the Opera! or, you know- blogging.

As for now trying to balance everything is getting tricky. Especially when there are people who are really amazing that I'd rather be spending my time with. Instead of communicating this however, I always manage to come across as cold or disinterested. Oops...
Anyway, I had an idea. For Halloween this year I was thinking of having an all Disney party to help make up for my lack of time and awkwardness. This I figure will both help with my lack of social skills and my love of all things Disney.
Which reminds me- if you haven't yet, you should check out the trailer for the newest Disney movie, "Frozen". It's right here on our website under "Our Favorites List".
Have a great day!

Hello again my fellow nerds!

Sorry it's been so long, but I've been working. At a job.

A real one!

And! And! And! I get to work the cash register! I love my new job.

I love making customers happy and making milkshakes and restocking sauces and napkins. There's only one downside to this job- the lingo.

For instance, my company requires I say "would you like me to refresh you beverage?" Instead of, "can I refill your drink?".

Now that may not seem that hard, until I end up saying something like, "can I refish you bev-erage? I mean, refresh. Would you... May I refresh you beverage?... Your drink."

I also have to say, "my pleasure" instead of the typical "you're welcome." I was actually enjoying this one until it came out like this.

Customer: "why thank you young lady!"

Me: "you're wel- pleasure. I mean... My pleasure. Not yours. I mean, I'm happy to serve you because it's my pleasure... Um. Yeah."

Needless to say I got the hang of it eventually.

One more thing that I wasn't used to was the speed of the cash register as it flies open, hitting me in the gut.

Now I jump back before it opens.


Once upon a time there was a girl who went out into the sun to have fun.

She got sunburnt.

Just like she did every stinkin' time!

I'm not saying I don't love bein outside, and my skin can even get darker than my friends' if I try... I just usually don't try.

It probably has something to do with the fact that book pages blow in the wind. That doesn't work well for me.

But my point is that no matter how hard I try not to, I always end up getting burned.

The same goes with my life. Ever had a crush on someone and he or she maybe even liked you back but it didn't work out anyway? Or have you had a friend that you were really close to and suddenly one day they just decided they didn't enjoy the friendship as much as you did?

I know I have... The worst part is that it seemed like every time this would happen, I would end up getting burned worse than the time before.

There are very few friends who care enough to stick around, and even fewer who truly want the best for you.

I've been realizing this more and more as I read through the series, "the 39 clues".

(Interestingly enough, each book in the series is written by a different author!)


(Also don't judge me, books are how I relate to life).

Anyway, two teenagers (Amy and Dan) discover that there are very few people in the entire WORLD that they can trust. But then what?

And how do we even know we can trust ourselves?

The truth is...

We can't.

How many times have you set a goal for yourself and failed to achieve it? How many times have you let yourself down?

The fact is that there's only one person we can trust- Jesus. Yes, we need each other. God made us to be relational. But if we rely wholy on other people... we can get burned.

For instance... I just burned my dad's dinner to a crisp because I got distracted with this...


Anyway, I'll leave you with this.

Don't be afraid to love just because you can get burned.

Yes, love!

Just be careful with who you give your whole heart to.


So, last night I was at the best birthday party I've been to in awhile. It was an 18th surprise party, and I was one of the devious minds behind it (which was great because his family just kinda let me scheme).

It was truly amazing. I even discovered that I no longer totally stink at volleyball. Now I only stink a little. I even got a little loud and obnoxious (some people bring out that quality in me- especially when they pull down the streamers I just put up moments before the birthday boy arrives).

I also discovered that I'm not a totally wimp. This is because when I almost died I laughed hysterically instead if crying... Don't ask me why because I have no idea.

Sure I was terrified, but the whole situation just struck me as funny.

Here's what happened.

We were playing manhunt (a game every good party must have), and it was our turn to hide. I tried hiding on top if a roof before I realized not only was this cheating but it was also dangerous.

I scrambled quickly over to a truck and looked in the back. It was filled with tools and plastic water pipes. I had about 15 seconds left to hide, so I did what seemed the logical thing at the time.

A lowered myself to the ground and scooted under the truck little by little, hoping there were no bugs...

As soon as I was in place I sent a quick message to one of my friends that said something like,

"Find me quickly so the bugs don't first".

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming around the side of the car. I saw a pair of feet pause by the drivers door, and I thought for sure I was caught. Instead of looking at me however, the person opened the door. I figured it was one of my friends playin around with me. I said,

"Don't you dare-"

Suddenly the engine started and the car started moving.

I don't remember much what was going through my head at this point.

The only thing I much remember was getting a slight scratch on my elbow, and then somehow I was standing up looking through the drivers window at the terrified face of the birthday boy's father.

I think he was more terrified than I was.

I could end this by saying how right then the birthday star walked up, made sure I was okay, and tagged me out anyway.

I could also end by saying that my mom knows NONE of this yet and I want to be the one to tell her... *hint hint*

But I don't see how I could have gotten out of that situation by myself. I mean, it took me so long just to get under there, and it didn't even take a millisecond for me to get back on my feet.

I don't see this as a coincidence, I see it as a miracle.

There's no way I should have come out of that uninjured. I don't know if I should even be alive.

But I am.

I've come to this conclusion.

Jesus is looking out for me, and has been for a long time.

He has something great planned for my life... I just don't know what yet.

Today I'd like to encourage you. If you're alive and breathing, there's a reason.

There's a reason for your life.

Nothing is meaningless unless you make it that way.

You are loved, and God has something amazing planned for your life.


I've been thinking a lot lately about music. Actually, that and school are what I've been doing, eating, drinking, sleeping, and listening to for the last two weeks.

One of my favorite bands in the whole world is Relient K.

I might be borderline obsessive.

I can't stand Justin Beiber, I used to hate the Jonas Brothers, and I only enjoy two songs by one direction every once in a blue moon. For some reason I've always loved relient k, even when they were popular.

But lately they've been disappointing me. I didn't want to admit this to myself before, but they're becoming... More boy-bandish and less... Uplifting, good for the soul, nerdy, and altogether awesome.

Don't get me wrong, the music is catchy. My mom's cousin even helped to write one of their songs!

But I started listening to their old stuff again and it made me think... What happened? They were so dedicated to saving lives. And now... I guess they want to be popular again?

Now here's my point.

I think sometimes we can do that too.

Not write secular songs (though some of you might), but rather loose sight of previous life goals and commitments. It's easy to fall into the pattern of the world.

It's easy to forget why we loved and what we lived for.

Today, try to remember.

This life isn't about success, or money, or (yes it's hard to believe) even food.

It's about love, and how much of it you can give before time runs out.

It's about keeping an eternal perspective and remembering why you're here!

I'm going to keep this in mind from now on, but it's hard to do on your own. So, ask someone to hold you accountable. Someone you trust (and won't suddenly snap at if they correct you). If not, then ask God to hold you accountable.


So, I scraped my knee today- something I haven't done in a very long time. How did I do that, you ask?

Lets just say chasing a dog on all fours isn't such a great idea. Just in case you were curious.

Anyway, I forgot how good it feels. Not exactly the pain part, but the part afterwards.

Remember running on the playground, and falling and scraping your knee? I used to do that constantly, and I always got back up.

That's the part that felt great. Getting back up an playing through the pain. Kinda reminds you of life, doesn't it?

Last week I didn't post a lot because I was busy with online courses. It takes a lot of hard work to keep up good grades at college.

I got hurt after the mistakes I made last school year (see entry 2). I needed to get my priorities straight, and now they are.

It's kind of strange. I don't have a lot of time for my social life, but I tend to get a lot more done in less time. Now my weekends can be reserved for friends.

That's my point. I fell and got scraped, and now I got back up and I kept playing through the pain. Eventually the scrape will scab over, and it will be easier.

It feels good to keep going.

If you're going through something right now and it doesn't seem to be working, don't despair. Work through the pain, and next time remake your game plan.

That way you won't get scraped again.

Good luck, and keep up that smile!


There are a few things that make me ecstatic. There are far more that make me happy. There are a few things that I don't really care about.

But there are also a few things that I cannot stand.

One of them is being sick.

Another is not being able to hang out with my friends.

One of the worst is the dentist.

I'm currently sitting in the waiting room of the dentist office awaiting my fate. Something I never understood is why the staff throw such a fit when you show up late, even though the dentist usually isn't even ready for you until an hour later. meanwhile you're stuck in the waiting room watching a show you've never heard of while terrible music plays in the waiting room. Which is why I'm writing and trying to block it out.

When they finally call you back, they lead you down a long winding hallway. You pass by several different torture chambers full of patients crying out.

You pass a counter full of tools that they use to make your gums bleed and generally intimidate you.

They tell you to sit in the interrogation chair and leave you there for another hour.

While you wait you look at the corny comics that no one but dentists understand.

After awhile they take you by surprise, and dash into the room making you jump.

Then they ask you questions that they actually expect you to answer while they fiddle around in your mouth. Sign language is out too, since they don't understand a word and think they might have accidentally given you the wrong drug given the way you're waving your arms.

After it's all over, they wipe the blood off of your face and tell you to spit into a suction bowl.

And then they act surprised when people are too afraid to go to the dentist.... Yep it's totally a shocker guys. *insert eye roll here*

Now I have about half an hour to wait, so I'm going to study for my online course and try to block out the elevator music.


When most people picture babysitting, it's generally a picture of kids peacefully playing while the sitter smiles and enjoys remembering when she was a kid.

This could not be more wrong.

I love these kids, don't get me wrong, but just today's experiences would boggle your mind. I just got them in bed for crying out loud.

At 10.

An hour and a half passed their bedtime.

In case you were curious there are four of these little monsters. The two oldest are not too bad and tend to listen to almost everything I say (though they still try to get away with some pretty sneaky things). The problem is the two youngest.

Both boys.

Both like to throw punches.

One is really young and doesn't understand basic hygiene.

The other threatens other kids with knives.

Good thing I'm quick on my feet, right? The youngest one pulled a whole clump of my hair out today. I looked at it, expecting to see blood and skin on the other end where the roots are. (It definitely hurt badly enough).

The six year old makes a mess everywhere he goes, which I'm still cleaning while I write by the way.

There was one cute thing that happened today though.

I shot his toy gun and he cracked up when it hit me.

In the face.

A three year old shot better than I could!

All of the sudden he grew very solemn.

"I'm sorry." He said. "That really musta hurt. Here, I'll show you how to shoot it."

I had the best gun safety lesson in my life from a three year old. Cutest. Ever.

"See, now you can shoot it and it won't hit your hand and you can shoot allegators and dinosaurs. There's one! Shoot it! Shoot it!"


So, it turns out, lugging a cooler all over a hot island can really put you out.

I found this out yesterday... And then again this morning when it hurt to turn my head.


On the bright side, I did have a blast.

I climbed a waterfall with no water, was kicked out of a museum (totally an accident), ran up and down a sandbar, and pretty much just adventured.

It was like a fairy tale nerd's fantasy.

The boat ride was great, the captain played reggea music on the way back.

Of course we were rained on, a coconut almost fell on me, I tripped over a loose plank on the dock, and I dropped my granola bar.

But at least I had a chance to make my friends happy. If you ever get a chance to cheer someone up, or bring a smile to someone's face, who is going through a hard time- don't hesitate. It's more than worth it.

Even if you do end up falling on your face.

I'll leave you with some advice. Sunscreen wil not kill you.

If someone offers to help you carry something, let them.

Don't show off by jumping off of something high if you're not sure you'll survive the fall.

Also, coconuts are evil.

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